About this Site

Why are we writing this ?
This site is for people living in France, or indeed anywhere else abroad.
It isn’t a technical guide to living abroad, though some of the ins and outs of French systems will be talked about, or a ‘how to buy a house’ site, though we will talk about some of this too,   or even a ‘told you it wouldn’t be as good as you thought’ site.
It’s a mix of experiences, tips and thoughts. And practical ways of living a happy, comfortable, stress free life in a foreign country using only the income that is available.

Why is it called simple french life ?

Because  roughly what we have left (at the present exchange rate ) out of our pensions and small business income each month after all our standard bills are paid is about 200 euros  – and it has to cover all our food, fuel and anything else we want to do.

So life needs to be simple and  we have to be fairly creative with it, and hope to help you to do the same.

We also hope that you will join in and share anything that you have learnt about living abroad so that we can all make a better, happier and more interesting life in our chosen places, wherever that may be.