All you need to know to make a simple and comfortable life in France


Le Bon – How to find your property is the website the French go to when looking for or selling a property.  It is perhaps similar to a site like Gumtree in the UK or CraigsList in the US in that it covers absolutely everything that you could possibly want to buy, but the property section...

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One for us all to start with

Find a pot  –  You’ll need a fairly big jar or a vase or anything that is decorative that you like, as it will need to be in view for a whole year. Today you put in it one cent. Then tomorrow put in two cents. The next day three cents —  you get the system ? The most...

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12 days to sort your finances

12 days  of small steps to sort out your finances and give you control Every day you'll get the next step to take - small steps to bring everything calmly under control.

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8 Ways to Look after your Money

Looking after your money is a continuing problem for most of us. And now especially for any of the British amongst us it’s becoming even more important of late. I’d like to say it was a temporary blip, but just in case it’s not then we must all get to know our income...

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